Note to KUSD: It Is 2019

The Past is Most Definitely The Past


The recent events that took place at a cheerleading banquet have once again thrust KUSD into the national spotlight.  The purpose of this article is not to “side up”, it is to ask people to consider a more “wise up” approach to modern academic life.  That which Whoopi found knee-slapping funny in the 80s is now a disrespectful act.  And while that, in and of itself, is not necessarily new news, the fact that you can be held accountable for that in 2019 is where this story for KUSD kinda begins and ends.

The defense, “we have been doing this for years and no one has been offended in the past” is just that…in the past.  For better or worse, this IS the society we now live in.  And there can be spirited and intelligent conversation and debate from the “reprehensible behavior” camp and the
“relax and take a joke” camp.  At the end of the day, the only one that really matters is the “in 2019 you can’t have adults handing out awards to children that bring attention to and celebrate body parts” camp.

Back when the questionable awards were initially given, which by all accounts wasn’t decades ago, but let’s say for the sake of argument is was a mere 5 years ago.  Look back into 2014 and the societal involvement in everything from national politics to what is assumed to be offensive and what is non-offensive.  It could easily be argued that 2014 still looked more like 1987 than it does 2019.  The hyper-aggressive and hyper-sensitive from the same direction knows no political or social demographic.  In layman’s (layperson’s) terms, everyone is siding up.

Much can be discussed in terms of facts and hypocrisy and any corresponding good that comes from either side.  Much can also be said about the people that reside in neither extreme and are more of a “go with the flow” group in the middle, and do they maintain the same amount of relevance they once did.  But the one undeniable truth is THIS IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN!  If you make a decision to forge ahead with what worked 5 years ago because “we’ve done it that way in the past and no one was offended”, then you open yourself up to relentless scrutiny.

It is as though none of the adults in this situation have turned on a TV or surfed the internet in the past 24-36 months.  While it is very easy to sit back and play arm chair quarterback, one would think it would be equally as easy to surmise that a “big boobs award” at the high school club level might be a risky and questionable proposition at best.  This is the world we live in, and the wise school districts hire experts to combat and control these very situations and it is quickly becoming as important of a position as Athletic Director or School Counselor.  And it will likely be a part of the academic landscape for the foreseeable future.  It is definitely time to “wise-up”.