About Kenosha Sports Extra

The website kenoshasportsextra.com is a byproduct of the radio show broadcast on AM 1050 WLIP and streaming live on www.wlip.com.  The show and subsequent website is littered with a cast of unusual and semi-anonymous characters.  As is so very often is the case, the content of any given program or website can get lost in the battle for self-glorification and self-centered recognition.  That is most definitely not the case with the characters that make up Kenosha Sports Extra.

Everyone has and always will have a role to play, a character to portray when adding content to this type of programming.  The site is broken down into multiple categories with the main storylines coming from categories that bear the name of the show and the website themselves.  We are not locked down to all things Kenosha or all things Sports and we certainly look forward to the multitude of topics that will qualify as “Extra”.

The main theme of the organization is:  “we allow the content to take itself where it wants to go and where it is most appreciated and well received”.  What we are today may be completely different than what we are a year from now and the people that enjoy the product will be solely responsible for that transformation.  In short, jump on the bus and see where it takes us!  Welcome aboard.

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