A KTown Sunday Heat Check

Random Thoughts On NFC Championship Sunday


The Village of Pleasant Prairie laid an egg for snow removal on our street this past “storm”.  Maybe being this deep in January and nobody has really plowed much of anything is the reason…I couldn’t say.  Assuming we don’t somehow skip snow this winter, here is to hoping everybody gets to their A-Game.

I’m calling for the rematch of Super Bowl I.  This time of year, superstar QBs are given the chance to create history…and I personally never bet against that.  Not sure who the best two teams are..but I know which two teams have the superstar QB.

If your Trubisky don’t you look at this weekend and say….I’m really kinda built and play like Tannehill..can make an awesome throw on time or a foolish pick like Garoppolo..and I’m asked to run a Mahomes offense, with Rodgers-like creativity.  WTF???  And now those, “well if he pans out the picks won’t matter”..coupled with the Mack picks surrendered…eek!

Shout out to an old friend who reached out because he WAS one of those fools that was running around with me going to Freddie’s and The Rogue, Danny’s, Garlic Press Pizza…crazy good memories.  Easily the least talented, least athletic softball team ever that still managed to win a few games.  Sunday Night leagues at Finney’s West were rough.

The baseball cheating scandal is pretty huge.  The upside being fairness.  The downside being the immediate-information world that we live in can now expose all of a lifetime of unfairness.  And if there are two or three over a decent amount of time, another 10 are going to be alleged and it is the Catch 22 of the world we live in. Damn near everything debated is about the past.  Wouldn’t it be great to have intelligent debate about the future?

I’m hard on Middleton because of the amount of money the Bucks spent on him.  That being said, his recent stretch of being un-guardable by a smaller player is really impressive.  I’m quick to bitch about him being quiet in big games or putting the ball on the floor, so it is only fair to recognize when the dude is doing a fantastic job of doing what they ask of him.  It really makes the outcome of a regular season game against the Nets a foregone conclusion.

At the end of the day, a Packer fan is happy to be in it with a chance.  A chip and a chair!  As I’ve said before, not the most jubilant 14-3 run I’ve ever arm chair quarterbacked…but a great one for sure.  Go Pack Go!!