The Most Important Man in Kenosha Entertainment

Jason Griffin from Sheridan Lanes


Simply stated, Jason Griffin may be the most important man in Kenosha entertainment. I haven’t known him long, but he is the quintessential “old friend”. My wife and her Bill’s Corner Club team are from the original Monday Night Bags League at Sheridan Lanes. And Sheridan Lanes is woven into the fabric of KTown. It’s a bowling alley, bar, volleyball court, event center, and bags arena. I liken it to growing up in the trailer. We had hoops, baseball, bowling, and golf in a 14’x72′ rectangle….inside!

And if Sheridan Lanes has kind of become an entertainment supercenter, it is still just brick and mortar…and sand…and asphalt, without Jason Griffin quarterbacking it all.  Think about just the amount of bowlers in those marathons called bowling seasons, ha! (I’m a horrible bowler). Thousands of people. Their own large community. Filter in bar patrons and folks that visit for an event and then add volleyball teams and fans. And now factor in FIFTY bags teams over two nights. Don’t forget the 64 teams at The Blade weekend. You get the picture. Name me someone that entertains that many people…constantly.

And when I say he’s quarterbacking all this entertainment, I mean he is quarterbacking all this entertainment. Wednesday night bags league would be nowhere near as fun as it is if Griff wasn’t working the mic like DJ DaddyMcGriff. He works the room or the lot or the lanes ALL THE TIME. No one feels like a stranger to that dude. And Jon and the people around him are just as in tune with what everyone is experiencing. And that is rare. And then there is Al. Equally rare. And I’ve played or watched my wife and kids play pretty much everything they offer there and the vibe is all very similar. You got a guy that gives a shit, and will always do his best to make things right.

The trait that locks you in is he knows the value of loyalty. When you spend your life as a guy that is uncomfortable asking for anything, it is easy to spot someone who appreciates your patronage, your friendship, and your entertainment dollar. And in order to know who are the people that are helping the business move forward, you gotta be in the middle of it at all times. And this dude is. And he’s never sick at sea. Being “ON” as a pseudo-game show host pretty much nonstop is either something you can do, or you can’t do. And he does it all day every day. And that is why I say, this may be the most important man in Kenosha entertainment/sport.

And last night, he took his whole Wednesday Bags League to the Kingfish game.  And the Monday League went earlier in the year so my group double dips! And every league night has contests and giveaways…EVERY WEEK. Who does that? The most important man in Kenosha entertainment, that’s who. And I’m not really trying to promote for the man, I honestly don’t think he needs my help. I’m just shooting out props and thanks for another fun-ass season of Bags. The Don_Money_Bags have won a handful of games and are gearing up for that end-of-the-year tournament push.

And most importantly, he must have a massive commitment from his wife. Not only the buy-in between her and him, but between her and the crowd. You can’t bullshit your way through that. She’s well aware of the amount of eyes on her at any given moment. And if you watch both of em on a Wednesday or a Monday they just control the lot…but they split up to cover more ground, ha! New parents have new challenges so I’ll already forgive him the first time Griff snaps my face off. Cause I’m pretty sure that will never happen. Congrats to you both on the birth of your daughter.

If you find yourself with a reason to do something at Sheridan Lanes or anything involving Jason Griffin, do it.