Kenosha Softball Hall of Fame Gets Some Much Needed “Love”

Dan McGonegle joins the Class of 2019


You have to know what is coming first..and I’m quoting the great Bucky Badgerow when I ask..what kind of nickname is “Love”?

Great question!  Lol  Johnny Pitts gave me that name!  When I played  for Pitts Decorating (my 1st Softball team!)  I had many friend‘s that came to watch and  told me that Johnny said you are loved!

You were last in line of a family of brothers that loved and played the game very well, describe what it was like when you finally got your turn to play softball.

It was my turn.  Being the  youngest I understood that and I couldn’t wait!

What was your earliest memory of KTown softball?

Going to all of the Kenosha softball tournaments at a young age because my friends older brothers and my brothers played.

I’m gonna change this up because the answer is pretty much universal, who, not named Dick Laba, was the best you ever saw, played with or played against?

There are so many great Kenosha players, too many to list!  Out of town.  No doubt, Phil Higgins , Dennis Grasser, Jimmy Brown and Paul Wenzel.

What was the best thing about being on a great Tirabassi’s team?

Tradition, history and great sponsor Domenick and Gina Tirabassi.

Does the name “doo-rag wearin, Capt Midnight, launching a stupid amount of home runs in the big oak tree hangin over left left at Bat-n-Brew” ring any bells?

When our Tirabassi team wasn’t playing, I truly enjoyed playing with my older brother Brian.  You played too on that team! Rock Evenson was manager for this team and I believe I never said no. Fun times!  And yes,the ball flew well at Bat n Brew!

As the Rotary Tournament draws near, what is your favorite “Love” Rotary moment?

The first rotary championship 1995 and MVP

With your wife going in to the HOF the same year as you, that has got to be about as cool of an accomplishment as one could imagine.

Funny it’s not the first HOF we got inducted.  We both got same day induction for KUSD HOF 2002.

What was your first thought when you found out you were selected for the Kenosha Softball Hall of Fame?

I was happy and reflected many great memories, gave me a big smile.  With my wife Tanya too, it was awesome!

Can you remember the longest bomb you ever hit at Lincoln I?

Yes, hit it to Lincoln 2 infield by 2nd base.  I think the wind was blowing that way too!  Lol

One last question, how much did it depress your brother Goon to know you got in to the HOF before he did?

We were totally different players. He was single hitter and smart hitter. I was more power hitter and versatile.  But, he was happy and we have a close family, I’m sure his turn will come.