Kenosha’s Supreme Court Rules

The Owner of Gold Standard Social Club


What makes Gold Standard a different type of tattoo shop?

The Professionals here are what set us apart.  From the art we produce to the pictures hanging on the wall, we are as advertised.  Only way to know for sure is to come by and see for yourself.

How does being a former college athlete translate in terms of your profession?

The Tattoo industry can be competitive. We have conventions where we can win awards but over time the camaraderie/fellowship/bonds made at these shows across America have become more important than the awards. Playing on a team and having roles helps develop/advance our skills in my shop. You want to build morale and have constructive criticism. Recognize weaknesses and strengths just like on the field.

What are your favorite types and styles of tattoos?

My favorite style would definitely be black and grey realism with a secondary style as an accent

Do you have a least favorite type of style?

i don’t have a lest favorite because I try to respect the effort put into any style. That is if the artist is consistently pushing further.

Have you ever really F’d a tattoo up?

Of course in the beginning and over time as you grow you get the chance to either fix, cover, or need be remove that tattoo and start fresh.

Describe the commitment it takes from your family for you to flourish in this business.

Well you would have to ask my wife that, but I will say that all the work I put in benefits my family. Ajillian is currently opening Textures Rx Hair Salon at 2333 Roosevelt Road, so you can ask her the same thing in a year after balancing 2 business and 3 football schedules, basketball and a 2 year old daughter.

Are your kids going to be better athletes than you?

They better be. With all the extra training outside of their practice. They’ve all been playing since 5 years old. and now Aiden, our oldest, has to decide what high school he will be attending next year

You have a unique way of showing loyalty while watching a football game, please explain.

Being from Chicago, I’ll always back the Bears and I like the Titans from the Eddie George days but watching an NFL game, I cheer for the DEFENSE.  Specifically the linebackers.

Whats the farthest you’ve traveled to do a tattoo?

i think I’d have to say Israel but myself and some fellow artists are currently planning to do an international convention soon.

What’s the short and long term future for Supreme Court and fam?

To get Textures Rx up and running smooth, begin a new portfolio, a convention in Australia/ Puerto Rico/ or Spain, and open another business this November