All-Time Fantasy Team: Skunktown Ballers

Those You Sought And Those Who Just Ended Up There


In honor of a recent Facebook all-time fantasy team

QB 1   Warren Moon  The Run and Shoot changed the game

QB 2   Bobby Hebert  Always had sneaky good numbers

RB1    Barry Sanders  The best to ever play the position

RB2    Warrick Dunn  A favorite..of me and about a million others

RB3    Terrell Fletcher  An early specialty back that has become a “must”.

WR1   Herman Moore  Had a long stretch where he was a cornerstone guy

WR2   Haywood Jeffries  50 career TD’s, huge part of The Run and Shoot

WR3   Ted Ginn Jr  Yea, I know, but he has ended up decent for me

TE1     Keith Jackson  An early TE1 that could carry WR1A weight

TE2     Heath Miller  How can ya not have Heath Miller here??

Flex    Devin Hester  In whatever format or position you gotta get him at

Def1   Baltimore Ravens  They have earned the right to be anyone’s No 1

Def2   Jacksonville Jaguars  Defense is rarely their issue

PK1    Pete Stoyanovich  An 80% man that always had opportunities

PK2    John Kasay   Any 20 year man is gonna hit your roster eventually


*special thanks and love to Shaun Alexander for the 2005 championship I won that was a career highlight