Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Adventurous, Active and Tough

What was the best part of growing up in rural Canada?
The bush, being able to head out no matter what into what I know as home. Freedom, no worries except your truck breaking down.
Were people surprised to learn that a fitness model had mad hunting, fishing and many other outdoor skills?
The ones that didn’t know me, yes. I love the reactions especially when I start talking guns.
What is the greatest misconception about Amanda Lynn Mayhew?
That I am healthy and pretty with a lack of knowledge. I struggle with Graves’ Disease and other ailments on a daily basis and I am very fluent in hunting, regulations, and firearms and can definitely hold my own while loading and unloading off-road vehicles, backing up to trailers and driving anything.
Is empowering women the same as feminism?
No, empowering is showing the individual they can do it as well not better than… there is no competition; it is each person learning at their pace in a non-intimidating environment so that they can teach others.
Outstanding and we have so many fun and functional looks from hunting outfits to bikinis, from women to men.
What was a crazy thing that happened while filming a “Just Hunt” episode that didn’t make the show?
Hmmm… Nothing. WILD TV airs all the fun stuff that happens along with real story.
Does the amount of women that are flocking to your Range Days and signing up for Take Me Hunting surprise you?
Yes and no. I have been doing this since 2011 and never thought it would stay so strong for so long, and with other organizations developing their own women’s range days, it is still amazing that mine fill up overnight.
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What, if anything, are you afraid of?
Fire and drowning.
What did it mean to you to be recently be named one of the 30 Most Influential Female Hunters in North America?
Blew my mind!! Wow. That was and is an honor! I do what I do because I believe in it and love to help others and always have in any genre, going all the way back to fitness and my charity motorcycle rides for Progeria and M.S. .. it spins off of that. I have been teaching others to hunt and shoot my whole life even before moving down to Southern Ontario, so to see it take off as an influential honor is humbling… I wish my Mom could see that.
Do you prefer hunting with a bow or a gun, and why?
I have always been a gun girl but I like and enjoy both on different levels, there is just something about holding your Grandfather’s rifle in your hand in the bush.  But it is also great carrying the bow around knowing that the hunt will be more challenging.
What do you enjoy eating that is not something you harvested yourself?
Avocados. Hah!
Do you have a trophy room?
Sort of but it’s not what you think.  Among my ‘trophies’ are my first doe with the bow and my first bear, We don’t have ‘monsters’, we have what make our memories to us.
Do you still spend time as a fitness model?
No, but I still work out and push that fitness matters in social media and of course in my public speaking, because when you are in the bush alone, you have you to rely on physical attributes.
Any parting words of wisdom from Amanda Lynn?

Be Real – Be Strong – Be You.