Bold Predictions for Feb 20, 2019

Including Packers new Head Coach


Kenosha Sports Extra the radio show goes silent until February 20 so WLIP can broadcast Carthage College Women’s Basketball.  We thought it would be fun to make some predictions based on our return date.

The Packers do go to the college ranks to get their next head coach, but in a surprising move they hire Wisconsin Badger Head Coach Paul Chryst.  He, in turn, hires former Badger QB Darrell Bevell as Offensive Coordinator.  The Badgers promote Offensive Coordinator Joe Rudolph to Head Coach.
For the first time in generations, the big oil countries of the Middle East feel some push back and gas is $1.49 per gallon
An announcement will be made that a major entertainment venue will locate in SE Wisconsin.  A mid-sized venue will be built and a professional affiliate franchise will call the region home.
The Bears are well on their way to a victory in the second round of the playoffs when QB Mitch Trubisky issues what will come to be known as “The Mitch Six” and Chicago snaps defeat from the jaws of victory.  (Shout out to the idea’s originator Justin “Wee” Schaubel)
The Seahawks beat the Chargers to win the Super Bowl in a battle of the Wildcards.  Former Badgers Russell Wilson and Melvin Gordon both shine.
The economy is soaring and the rating for the President is as high as it has ever been.
Giannis scores 50 points and grabs 20 rebounds in one game becoming the only man not named Wilt Chamberlin to accomplish the feat.
Kenoshan Tristan Jass absolutely blows up and due to a video gone viral, he is featured on every major sports program and website in the country.