Brock Lampe to Play in the WFCA All-Star Game

NIU Bound Lampe Inspired To Make This Roster


During his freshman season at Bradford High School, Brock Lampe saw three senior varsity teammates get selected to play in the WFCA All-Star Game.  He then decided he was going to work hard and make that team his senior year. The WFCA is the premier High School Football All-Star game in the state, maybe the whole region and takes place at Titan Stadium in Oshkosh. “I am very honored to have been selected to play in this game”, said Lampe.  Setting this goal for myself as a Freshman, putting in the work, and being able to achieve it is a great way to close out my high school career.  Playing alongside and against the best players in the state is something that I look forward to.” The weekend of July 16th and 17th promises to deliver some fantastic football, and Brock will be playing in the Large School game on Saturday night.

The event is also a major fundraiser for Children’s Hospital. To date, the event has raised 4.4 million dollars and the whole package goes pretty far past the events of the game. On the field, Brock is a leader, and an invitation to a game like this is a great opportunity to be a football ambassador. “Playing the game that I love is an honor and to be able to fundraise and help an organization that does great things for kids and that my mom worked with for 14 years is extra special to me”. The players all spend a week together at UW-Whitewater to share strengths and challenge one another while representing the high school football community at large by raising funds for Children’s Hospital. The week closes with some high-quality high school football and needed funds raised for a world-class institution like Children’s Hospital.

Children’s Hospital has saved countless lives and most everyone has a story relating to their unprecedented care. My family is no exception and that is why we will be donating to this outstanding cause. For more information about the event visit the WFCA home page. To see Brock’s link and to donate, please click here.  There is no question you will represent The Northside, KTown, Northern Illinois and your family well.