Bucks NBA Champs: Deer (District) In The Headlights



The Milwaukee Bucks climb to the top of the NBA mountain was not a trip they had to make alone. The Deer District once again “showed out” by boasting 65K strong backing the Bucks from outside the area. The folks inside got to see an epic performance by a generational player, a defense-first supporting cast, and 18K plus rockin the building. The fans outside practicing #socialdistricting were just partying. And the greater the Bucks accomplishments, the greater exposure to the Milwaukee fans the national media got to see. It doesn’t matter what Steven A said before just as much as it doesn’t matter what Steven A says now. Jalen Rose putting up the “Bucks in 6” fingers…yea, so what? Winning is its own justification and the bandwagon might need to add a few hitches. This is a giant “you deserve this” to the loyal, hard-working, hard-playing, Wisconsin sports fans. Enjoy every second of it!

The television broadcast referenced Social Distancing and how freaked Dr. Faucci would likely be. But the Bucks faithful managed to back-burner those concerns for a chance to join a crowd that can only be described as epic. Local news had mentioned that there were more people #socialdistricting than there are residents of the city of West Aliis, WI. And from a distance, it appeared that the crowd stayed relatively festive. Yes, there were reports of some violence and gun play but all things considered, specifically the combination of a giant crowd crossed with a 50-year championship wait, the fans in Milwaukee represented themselves, the organization, and their city quite famously. The Good Land put on a good show.

The massive undertaking to organize such an event is mind-boggling and the ops, security, food and bev, media and every other contributor are to be applauded. The game could have went a whole different bunch of ways and fortunately for the Bucks, it went the right way. Well the Deer District could have also netted many different results and it appears that things went pretty well considering the size and scope of the event. Congrats to the Bucks and Giannis on a phenomenal job of bringing home a championship. And huge kudos to the Bucks fans who were #socialdistricting Tuesday night and every home game…take a bow…the world is impressed.