Impossible Movie Facts To Earn Your Turkey Dinner

A Challenge To Everyone Not Named Burke


In the movie Die Hard, exactly how much are the negotiable bearer bonds, located in the Nakatomi vault, worth?

In the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles, after their flights to Chicago are canceled, Neil calls home..who does Del call?

In the movie Weird Science, what type of car does Gary’s dad Al drive?

In the movie Remember the Titans, how many siblings does Coach Boone say he has? How many does he say he really has?

In the movie Armageddon, what will Grace’s married name be?

In the movie Elf, Miles Finch requires the inside of what type of vehicle to be set at what temperature?

In the movie Back To School what poet and poem does Thorton quote in his oral exam?

In the movie Brubaker, what type of trustee does he want posted in the guard towers?

In the movie Castaway, how many hours and minutes does it take for the egg timer to get from Memphis USA to Nikoli Russia? (Bonus if you can get the seconds too)

In the movie The Breakfast Club, who got his “buns taped together”?


10-Rare Bird

9 or 8- Earned a seat at the table

7 or 6- No seconds for you

5 or 4- Help yourself to the giblets

3 or 2- Not even a turkey pot pie

1 or 0- Jive Turkey

*All 10 plus the Bonus…nice job Burke