In Honor of “Blue”: My All-Time Field of Dreams Team

KTown's Hit Maker


In honor of the passing of Tom “Blue” Blaziewske, I offer up my KTown All-Time Field of Dreams Team:

P  Gary “Wizard” Peterson: Flash, stache and always talkin trash

C Shorty Llanas: Personal…my folks went way back with Pat and Pauline

1B Tom “Bads” Beth: “No one knows what it’s like, to be the Bad Man”

2B Neil Boniface: “The Real Neil”…funny as hell and a pretty decent ballplayer

SS Randy Piwoni: Great shortstop, ferocious competitor, great conversations with the dude

3B Jimmy “Doc” Nehls:  A mentor in the game for me. One of the best on and off the field

LF Rich Baumgarten: Mr Switzerland. First guy I ever saw slide head first into 2nd base

LC Mark Hackbarth: Everyone’s vote for most athletic ever! Would glide around the bases

RC Steve “Blade” Hess: Will forever be the first guy on my “Field of Dreams” team

RF Chuck Haubrich: Deer hunting buddy for years. Soft spoken, outstanding human being

MF Tom “Blue” Blaziewske: Was sad to hear Blue had passed recently. He is what I would call a “Hit Maker”. Did he play D….yep. Did he have occasional pop…yep. Was he a good teammate…I’m sure he was. All I can speak on is what I saw…..and that was just him constantly being on base. Hit after hit after hit. He played on teams that had some bangers and he was one of the guys that are a managers dream cause you want to have guys on base when those bangers come to the plate. Blue was ALWAYS on base. Surgical hitter. He could go out there and tell you within about 5 feet, where the ball was gonna land out in short RC Field on his upcoming AB. Much more importantly to me than the passing of a HOF Softball Legend is the loss of a good friend of a good friend. My guy Kevin Smith lived next door to Blue for the majority of his life. We had some great times on Smitty’s party porch including one night when Blue and his wife and a variation of most of their kids were hanging out waaaay late with me and K and his wife. We were so loud…cracking up about everything including my unhealthy obsession with Shullsburg Cheese and what I knew about Blue’s wife’s family tree. So much fun! I know what Smitty means to me…and I know what Blue meant to Smitty, and for that I feel most pain for all parties involved. I also wish to pass along sincere condolences to his kids Mark and Matt because I know them a little. You are both awesome legacies to one of the greats of Kenosha sports….believe that! RIP Blue, KTown’s Hit Maker.