Is This Heaven?……No, It’s Sullivan’s

Marking 40 Years in the Industry


OK, so likening a KTown bar to heaven may reflect a bit of a stretch…allow me to explain. After years of searching for a new home for Fantasy Football watching on Sundays, we came across Sullivan’s. It was everything we could ask for. Wood_Don has control of the switcher and everyone has the opportunity to watch their favorite team. It was better than we expected. The thing we didn’t expect was to like the clientele as much as we have. Sullivan’s has become home. Missing last season with the Covid sucked…being back where we belong on Sundays puts life back in perspective. And surprisingly, it was as much about missing the people last year as it was about missing the NFL Ticket. This Saturday, November 6th, Sullivan’s celebrates 40 years in the business and they hope you will come join the party.

Cathy is the empress of the manor on Sundays. She was our first point of contact when we rolled in the door the first time and has pretty much been there every Sunday since. We have helped build Sullivan’s into a bona fide “must visit” for the KTown football fan. We got tons of Dallas fans…one consistent Patriot fan…a Washington Football Team dude…a good smattering of Bear fans…and decent representation for the Packers. The crowd varies but it is consistently busy in there with some of Kenosha’s best people having a good time. Sullivan’s reminds me of a quintessential KTown melting pot of fun. Good people…great prices…solid bar food…no hassles and is a place you wanna come back to. And of course, the NFL Ticket on Sundays.

So if you haven’t been to Sullivan’s lately, you haven’t been to Sullivan’s. And if you need a reason to go, why not stop by this Saturday for the big 40th Celebration. There will be specials and prizes and some of the coolest people KTown has to offer. It’s wide open in there with plenty of room to move around…all of the bartenders know their jobs and do them well and that all makes it a pretty happy place to be. So no, this obviously isn’t heaven, but it’s a long way from hell, that’s for sure. It’s our little slice of sanity in a mad mad world. Things are consistent there and it sure seems like everyone is very comfortable being themselves in there, and for me, that is key. I can go in there, enjoy the games, be with other people or enjoy some time just chilling….and not spend a ton of money.

It’s our house…and it’s a lot of other people’s house…and we love it there…and if you stop by on Saturday, you’ll see what I mean. Congrats on 40 years to some pretty awesome people. Mystery Shots for Everyone!!!