Kenosha Restaurant Week: El Fuego Gyros

As Reported by David Lynn


What do you like most about El Fuego Gyros?

What I like most about El Fuego is the customer service…it is always quick and I’m out!

Had you been there before?  If not, how did you hear about them?

Been there many times, one day I just walked in and there they were, just opening and have been going there to this day.

What do you usually order?

I usually get the Steak Tacos Authentic Mexican Style!! But the Gyros are very good also.

Thoughts on the quality, quantity and price of the food?

When you go there they give a good amount per serving. I still have not left that place any kind of hungry.

Thoughts on the quality of the atmosphere and the professionalism of the staff?

The staff always makes me laugh….good people, great atmosphere.

What would you tell a friend about El Fuego Gyros?

I tell whomever to go try it and find out for yourself…the verdict is always a good outcome.

Will it become a part of the regular rotation of restaurants to dine at?

It most definitely is.  I ask Al “why not get a bigger place?”.  He just smiles and says “I’m good here” and the proof is there, people coming and going all day and talking about what a great and reasonable place it is.