Kenosha Restaurant Week: Los Compadres

As Reported by Paul Mazellie


What did you like most about Los Compadres?

I liked the vibe in there.  Very authentic and real relaxed.  That place felt like an old-school Mexican Restaurant

Had you been there before?  If not, how did you hear about them?

I had never been there but countless people from Kenosha have recommended it so we decided it was time to try it out.

What did you have?

I had the beef combo platter with taco, tostada and enchilada and my girlfriend had the same but she had the chicken.  Of course I got most of her leftovers and I have to say, the beef was good but the chicken was fantastic.

Thoughts on the quality, quantity and price of the food?

Very good bang for your buck.  This is Kenosha so you can’t overcharge and expect to stay in business.  I was pleased with the portions and was OK with the bill.

Thoughts on the quality of the atmosphere and the professionalism of the staff?

As I said, real authentic vibe and yes, all of the staff was very friendly and you knew there were a bunch of regulars in there.

What would you tell a friend about Los Compadres?

Absolutely…get ANYTHING with chicken!

Will it become a part of the regular rotation of restaurants to dine at?

We think so, it is definitely worth another shot!