Kenosha’s Best: El Fuego Gyros

Easily one of the Best


I’d like to toss in my favorite for Kenosha’s Best. El Fuego Gyro has become a KTown staple in terms of quality food at a reasonable price. Around my house, we just call it the gas station! Located on 75th Street, just east of 30th Avenue, El Fuego has become our go-to place to grab a meal when we are out and about. My wife and granddaughter are locked into the Patty Melt. Personally, I kinda roll with my feelings. 5 for 5 Taco Tuesdays is a given. The 3 for 5 Steak Tacos are a strong option. The Gyro, of course, is phenomenal. The Dry Rub Chicken Wings are a great starter and the burgers are just a great version of the old-school flat top smash burger.

But there is a lot more to El Fuego than just amazing food. There is Big Al. Amigo! The guy that owns the place is the guy that prepares your food. The place is always clean and the food is always on point. The last time we were in there the place was packed. Many waiting for carry-out with a few sets of people dining in. And it is always a pretty talkative crowd. It’s like you are in the El Fuego club because you know some of the greatest food in KTown can be found at “the gas station”. It is not uncommon to see what could be considered semi-regulars in El Fuego….it is just that good!

We are not people that go out to eat in a scheduled manner. We are dine-out opportunists. And when we find ourselves in the situation of needing to “get supper” or want to meet a friend for a quality lunch, El Fuego Gyros is always the default location. It is simple but not plain, it is affordable but it is not cheap, it is timely but it is not fast food and it is located inside a building that is also a liquor store and a convenience store and is easily one of Kenosha’s Best! This is a place that just oozes KTown.

So in this time of voting for Kenosha’s Best, my vote is for Big Al and El Fuego Gyros. I’m old…I like consistency and reliability. El Fuego is the kind of place that deserves loyalty. If you have not yet done so, check out El Fuego Gyros, there is no way you will be disappointed. The place is as unique and as “everyday working class” as the city, we live in.

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