#KenoshaStrong: Pray For Kenosha by IMG Spooks

Local Rap Artist Tells His Story


Kenosha rap artist IMG Spooks released a video entitled Pray For Kenosha. The video reflects the feelings and the anger of many people in Kenosha, Wisconsin and America. KSE will always represent all sides of every story and this is the side of this story some folks are very unfamiliar with. But this side of the story is none the less real and this video represents the concerns and the outrage of people in our city and deserves its fair share of publicity. My 57 year old ears don’t hear the words as well as someone with 27 year old ears, but the message is not lost due to an age/music difference. This is a Kenosha man with talent and with a message. Warning, there is adult language in this video


What was the driving factor in your decision to make this video?

At first I wasn’t going to use this time to make a music video.. but when all the fans kept messaging me telling me to, I felt like I needed to be the voice.

Where was it recorded?

I recorded the song at my brother Casper house.

Did you personally join the initial protests downtown?

I do believe in the protests and what they stand for but I wasn’t out there for my own beliefs.

Tell people some good that you saw take place in Kenosha during one of the city’s darkest hours.

Some good I saw was the city coming more together actually. A lot of people were out helping others or showing they care about the community still by going out pickin up the city.

Tell people something not so good that you saw take place in Kenosha that they may not have seen on social media.

There is still a lot of hate in the city, a lot of racist business owners, crooked cops, and some shitty people all through the town that won’t get media coverage.

What is the overall message that you hope your art can convey?

I just wanted to be the voice of what’s going on really. Cover everything that was going on and just bring some more attention to it through my song.

If you could have one person in the entertainment industry see your video, who would it be?

Kevin Gates

If you could have one political or activist leader see your video, who would it be?


How has your video been received thus far?

It has got a lot of likes and great feedback and for some reason also, got some hate, but I feel like that comes with anything you do.

In your opinion, where do we go from here?

In my opinion it’s only up from here.

Do you have any follow-up type releases planned?

As far as to go with #PrayForKenosha no. That was just for the situation at hand but I’m always dropping music damn near every other week so y’all should tune in! #IMGSpooks