KSE: Official Political Position

The Inclusion of Reality


The official angle of the KSE website when it pertains to politics is very simple…all sides matter.  In this day in age the war between Fox and MSNBC, between Donald Trump and the media and between what remains of the left and the right has gotten juvenile.  That will not be tolerated within these cyber walls.  It is OK to disagree; in fact, it is necessary to disagree but to be a part of whatever this political landscape has become will never happen here.

KSE has two official political writers.  The first is a late 40’s male from California.  He is an educated professional with a C-level position in a large corporation and was born and raised in a Republican household with a mother who only worked part-time and the family ate dinner every night at 5:00 sharp.

The second is a mid-30s female from Pennsylvania.  Raised in a working class household, she saw her father labor long hours to provide for his family and her mother was an office secretary at the local public grade school she attended.  Her home was primarily Democratic in policy and in political beliefs.  She is a case worker for the city she now lives in.

These two individuals will remain nameless because it seems that any time anyone shouts from the rooftops about a better political mouse-trap, it is simply nothing more than obvious, shameless self-promotion.  These two individuals have zero political aspirations and will be writing what they write simply to help regular folks understand these insane times we all must navigate.

The Republican gentleman will go by the pseudonym Slight Right, and the young lady raised as a card carrying Democrat will write under the name Just Left.  And there is one more interesting angle to the political commentaries on KSE, the Republican angle will only be written about by Just Left and the Democrat angle will only be written about by Slight Right.

There must be compromise in this world.  There must be tolerance in this world.  There must be order in this world, and there must be realistic and educated conversation in this world.  No one is asking a liberal to stop seeking Russian Collusion and no one is asking a conservative to stop blaming the media.  All that is happening here is a coming together of ideas that help bridge the gaps that divide this nation.  Is the swamp being drained?  Yes.  Is the swamp filling up with a different type of Swamp Thing? Yes.  To Trump Nation and to the F*ck Trumper’s, this is not a likely “must read” for you.  To all other thinking individuals that can at least attempt to see both sides of an issue, welcome.