KTown HS Football Recap: IT Tops Tremper

Bradford Had The Weekend Off


Indian Trail 26 Tremper 20

The Indian Trailer Hawks needed a victory on Friday night and they got one with a 26-20 win over Tremper at Jaskwhich Stadium. The knock on the Hawks all year was that they really weren’t producing a lot of offense considering the number of athletes that they have. Well, they weren’t exactly tearing it up through the first three quarters on Friday night, but in the fourth quarter, it all seemed to come together. A couple of touchdown drives with an extra point tossed in and IT did enough to win against the winless Trojans. For Tremper, it was a familiar outcome, unfortunately. Missed opportunities and turnovers cost the Trojans dearly and led to the game’s eventual outcome.

IT has a great passer in Arjgent Ishmaili and a multitude of playmakers that can catch the ball. But it would be the running ability of all of these athletes that would propel the Hawks to victory. Ishmaili made good decisions on when to pull it on read-option runs and the playmakers ran jet sweeps and wildcats and the offense found their rhythm for the first time this season. When their leaders were needed to make plays, they made plays and brought home a much needed W. The Hawks needed to win this game…they needed to know they are a team that can meet and exceed expectations when it’s go-time. The defense was solid and steady and forced those huge turnovers on big plays that would prove to be the difference makers.

Tremper takes away many things from this game. Number one being, the old adage that “ball security” is the key to winning football games. Costly turnovers proved to be the difference in this game. But the Trojans know they can compete. They are young, they are hungry and they continue to battle. As everyone on the Southside gains experience, they will undoubtedly grow the playbook…it kinda looked like IT knew what play was coming, all night long. Senior QB Ryan McGonegle took some whacks and kept the Trojans in it til the end. In a world of “no such thing as good losses”, the Trojans can hold their heads high..they are knocking at the door of success.

Congrats to the Hawks for notching one in the W column…you can’t put together a streak til you win that first one. And kudos to the Trojans…y’all are on the right track..make no excuses and continue to grow.


Shoreland 48 Thomas Moore 12

Christian Life plays Living Word Lutheran Saturday 10/24