New app let’s you in on how to do the perfect ‘squat’

Competitive Excersise


There is no better standing still exercise that the squat.
In strength training and fitness, the squat is a compound, full body exercise that trains primarily the muscles of the thighs, hips and buttocks, quadriceps femoris muscle (vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius and rectus femoris), hamstrings, as well as strengthening your body’s bones and ligaments.
Kaia Perfect Squats app( uses world-first AI-powered motion tracking technology, without the need for additional hardware, transforming your iPhone into a virtual personal trainer and helping you achieve the perfect squat.

There is a social media component here as you can challenge your friends and experience the new revolutionary Kaia Motion Tracking technology in action. Then all can share the results of this friendly competition.

• Get real-time audio feedback on your squat performance.
• Automatically counts the number of correctly performed squats.
• Challenge your friends to get active and do more squats.
• No cheating possible.
• No equipment necessary.
• Be active, stay healthy – one squat at a time!

How it works:
• You are greeted by Kaia, the apps’ virtual personal trainer who guides you through the exercises.
• Place your iPhone upright on a table or against a wall, then step back approximately 7 feet until your body becomes visible on the phone’s screen.
• The app then tracks 16 key points on the body using the phone’s camera.
• This contrasts your observed pose with the ‘ideal’ predefined pose, and compares metrics including the relative positions of limbs and joints, and the angles between them.
• During the exercise Kaia offers actionable, real-time audio feedback and video instructions which encourage you to achieve as many correct squats as possible – thereby offering the skills of a personal trainer at your fingertips in the comfort of your home.
* This app is great for individuals, teams, trainers and more.
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