Oliver’s Bakery: Fish That Meets The Hype

Literally Like Nothing I've Had Before


I’m not a person that listens much to the hype. National hype, regional hype, and local hype…generally noise. But there were a few circumstances that something with massive hype, actually met and exceeded expectations. I give you my list which includes the Oliver’s Bakery Fish…something we’ve been hearing about, to rave reviews, for years. My “Meets the Hype” List:

Pearl Jam, sometime early 90’s at the Marcus. Height of the TicketMaster saga. Just no way you’d have thought that with all the media coverage and the daunting task of actually being Pearl Jam live, there would be any way the show could be all that. It was all that. It was the only time I ever saw them and it was one of those experiences a person always remembers.

The Grand Canyon. Went out to watch our daughter get her Masters, got an Air BNB in Flagstaff and went up to see this giant hole in the ground. I didn’t think there was any way The Grand Canyon could possibly live up to the advanced billing it will forever get. It is absolutely something everyone should see if you can. Easily one of the greatest things I’ve experienced.

A Jeff Dunham Concert. My wife is a huge Dunham fan…I more marvel at his talent. Our gift to each other quite a few Christmases ago was Dunham tickets. Hundered bucks a pop like a decade ago. We went because my wife is such a fan, I was a tad more skeptical. After that dude finished, and the lights went off and then they went right back on and he’s standing there alone and smiling, it hits you, all this entertainment was by one guy.

The campus at Notre Dame. I’ve been to Lambeau so many times, I’m part of the hype so I’ll turn to a “one-off” visit I’ve made a couple times. I’ve been on ND’s campus twice and to one football game. That place is literally Global Hype and it is still every bit as advertised. Recruiting poster beauty everywhere.

The Field of Dreams. I ain’t saying it’s a must for you, I’m saying it’s a must for me….to the tune of three times now and I’ll bet there will be more. And the Dubuque area is so welcoming to young baseball players, I just think it is truly a special place to be. The movie relevance is also quite amazing. “Raaaaayyaayy, Dinnnnnneeeerrrr”.

Oliver’s Bakery Fish Fry. So everyone has always said, this is the fish you have to try. I got off work early Friday and made my first trek in. I got 6 pieces of fish…thinking 3 for each of us. Rookie mistake. And the guy ordering in front of me was nice enough to let me split what was left of the shrimp with him. I could literally eat shrimp every meal and the shrimp at Oliver’s was as good as I’ve had. But the fish. I mean, I can eat some volume when I’m hungry and ONE piece of that fish is plenty. It is so thick, and it layers on the inside, like you could actually convince someone this is a fish that was really swimming at one time and not “fish stuffs” like so many “filets” are. And I love tartar sauce and this was actually better eaten straight up. The batter is light and has flavor, with almost no “fishy” taste. Truly like nothing I’ve ever had before….anywhere! Oliver’s Fish has MAD hype…and the guy who let me have half the shrimp, as well as both ladies working behind the counter, were sure I’d never had anything like we were about to eat. And they were right.