Should a Woman Coach in the NBA?

There Is Simply More To It Than Qualifications


I recently read an article about the “outrage” of a male writer that some players and coaches had made some crude remarks and expressed concern about the possibility of Becky Hammon coaching in the NBA.  Hammon is a current Assistant Coach for the San Antonio Spurs and is widely respected as a very good basketball coach.  Her’s is also the name bantered about to become the first woman to be named a head coach in the NBA.  I don’t believe that a thinking person could possibly be outraged to think that a crude conversation about any topic is outrageous behavior when it takes place in a men’s locker room.

Let me say for the record I have never been in a men’s locker room and I have only been to one basketball game in my life and I’m pretty sure it was Villanova v St John’s in Philly…I was like 12. If any of the rumors are true, sexual comments about women are pretty likely to happen in a locker room.  And while society has made some pretty decent strides in terms of opportunity, is it really plausible to think that somehow those comments are just going to stop?

The only question in this scenario is what is really said behind closed doors?  Who really can cast a stone?  What men say to men about women.  What women say to women about men (I’ve been in so many of those conversations that should be on ESPN in terms of crude and sexist banter).  What blacks say to blacks about whites.  What gay people say to gay people about straight people.  And the list goes on.  The only difference between the guys and everyone else is not everyone else’s is on national TV 50 times a day.

Absolutely Becky Hammon should be considered for the highest position possible in the field she has chosen for her career.  Realistically would it be in her best interest and in the best interest of her organization and society in general to have this happen tomorrow?  Maybe, certainly not for me to decide.  My issue is not with her being considered for the position nor is it the comments that were made about her and the challenges she would face.  I’m certain she would go into the position with eyes wide open and is well equipped to handle herself.  My issue is that someone paid to be a reporter and write stories is actually “outraged” by those statements.

I am not condoning crude statements about anyone but let’s be realistic people.  Everyone says unacceptable things all the time.  Take the most pious of you and ask yourself “what do you really think and say about countless people and situations daily”.  It is usually those who speak the loudest and write the most in depth pieces that have the most to say behind closed doors.  I know I’m sure guilty and I feel I am a very fair and non judgmental person.  Just let Becky Hammon make her way in her profession.  You can’t shame anyone into stopping saying what they are going to say.  And everyone says something about someone.  Be outraged at medical costs and political hypocrisy from both sides if you really need something to be outraged about.