Songs That Make You Think Of Movies

Great Tunes Forever Linked To Great Scenes


Tom Cruise sliding into the living room in his undies to the Seger classic Old Time Rock n Roll is not a personal favorite but it certainly does illustrate the idea.  Here are my top 5:


Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon  Neil Diamond from Pulp Fiction  Shortly after Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace win the twist contest at Jack Rabbit Slims (groovin to another movie/song classic Se La Vie, by Chuck Berry), Mia fires up the reel to reel while Vincent takes a piss (TMI).

Tiny Dancer  Elton John from Almost Famous.  Russell is crashing from a bad trip and “the enemy” has just saved the Stillwater tour.  Penny Lane leads the all-star cast in a sing-along to this EJ classic on a bus bound for stardom.

Jessica  The Allman Brothers from Field of Dreams.  Ray Kinsella and Terence Mann are trucking home from MN back to IA in the VW bus and come across the young “Moonlight” Graham.  This Dickey Betts classic is the perfect road trip song.

Stuck In The Middle With You  Stealers Wheel from Reservoir Dogs  Keeping it in the family, Vic Vega is forever linked to this classic.  The whole scene, Steven Wright DJing the song..on a radio!!  The straight razor, the jubilant dance by a pretty disturbed Mr. Blonde.  Iconic movie scene that will never get old.

In The City  The Eagles from The Warriors  Swan and the boys make it back to Coney minus Ajax and Cleon and having added Mercy.  That little punk with the beer bottles is yet to be dealt with but the Gramercy Riffs have that under control.  “We fought all night to get back to this”?


No wrong answers here, just great memories.