Sports Nuggets From KTown and Beyond

Sport Is Indeed Life


KTown is kind of a mixed bag of fandom.  Today is saw a kid with an Ohio State sweatshirt and a Vikings purple lanyard.  Not only was it the two football teams I hate the most but it was a fashion faux pas for the ages.  Of course the Cubs dominate the baseball landscape here in town but the Brewers are gaining steam.  And Michael Jordan is going to be 60 soon..I’ve seen more hoops converts to the Bucks than I can ever remember.

As much as everyone is convinced the Pack need another WR, I believe their first round pick in 2020 will be an inside backer.  They need a 3-down, run stuffer with some size and speed.  Martinez is solid and everybody else is just there.  The main reason SF is a match-up nightmare for the Pack this Sunday is they can just jam it down your throat.  The Smith brothers are far less effective if a team can run themselves into 2nd and short.

The Milwaukee Bucks are 35-6!!  Everyone can debate what Middleton was paid or whether or not you can count on Bledsoe in the playoffs, but Giannis cures a lot of ills.  Yet somehow it seems like the Bucks will never really get any love.  Sure, folks will go to games and all but at the halfway stick of the regular season, the Bucks could register the best regular season record in NBA history..if that was a LeBron team, we’d be talking about 6 times a day.

The Wisconsin Badgers are losing a ton of talent this off season.  JT, Baun, Biadasz, Van Lannen, Orr, AJ Taylor and Cephus are some of the names that will be missing next season.  That being said, the 2020 recruiting class is the best in school history including another stud RB from New Jersey.  I don’t know if it is even close to a possibility that Wisconsin becomes a national player, but the bottom line is you gotta get great talent and develop great talent but the true barometer of a team is being good enough to actually lose a lot of great talent.

I am creating a scorecard.  A fat old man scorecard to be revealed soon that puts the arm chair QB’s feet to the fire.  I have been extremely wrong and I have been extremely right.  I didn’t think Kershaw would be much of anything but I did know 2 seconds after his famous TD pass v Pittsburgh that Tebow would be ran out of Denver on a rail.  My newest 2 would be I DON’T see Tua doing much of anything long-term in the NFL and I believe Bledsoe WILL be the guy to help The Freak bring a championship back to the MKE.