The Big Dance of Kenosha Bars: The Final

Cinderella Gets The Fairy Tale Ending


Championship Game

Our Kenosha Tap 85   Cheers 74

And Cinderella actually gets the fairy tale ending as Our Kenosha Tap (15) goes wire-to-wire, as a dog, with a 85-74 win over Cheers (6) in the Finals of the Big Dance of Kenosha Bars. Kenosha Tap went through some major bar history on this epic march.  The 5th, The Garage, Rose’s/Lotus. Scotty’s, Mike’s and Cheers all fell to this little corner bar that is a cornerstone type establishment here in KTown.  Think about all the bars that have come and gone while Our Kenosha Tap has been rollin…props to them.  Other than my uncle playing softball for them in the early 70’s, I have zero ties so I can offer little in terms of personal history but can offer mad respect to them.  Sure, they won a mythical tournament but they have done a lot more by being a great watering hole in a great city…for like my entire life…that is worth celebrating.  Kudos to Our Kenosha Tap…the clock has yet to strike midnight.


The Big Dance of Kenosha Bars Champion: Our Kenosha Tap