The Case for Firing Mike McCarthy….Immediately

They Have Grown Apart

Let me begin by saying I do not believe Mike McCarthy deserves the majority of the blame for the recent Packer record.  There is plenty of blame to go around.  That being said, it would still be the wise move for the Green Bay Packers to fire Mike McCarthy immediately.  The working relationship between Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers has definitely reached its breaking point and the only winning move is to end the relationship stat.
No one paying any attention to the current state affairs between the Packer coach and the Packer quarterback believes this relationship can be salvaged….no one.  So why delay the inevitable?  The Packers have made a significant investment in Rodgers so for better or worse they are going to have to cater to his wishes.  And it appears he wishes Mike McCarthy was elsewhere, so why not just adhere to those wishes and cut McCarthy loose?
No one in Packer Nation needs to be choosing sides.  Like the country, the Packer faithful have been mounting their case against the other for long enough and it is really becoming detrimental.   This excellent example of “both sides are very much right in their assessment of the situation” has done nothing but divide a usually very intact fan base. It is time to stop wishing that things were still able to be repaired…that are not.
Cut McCarthy loose and let him try his hand on the open market.  He has a ring and a winning pedigree, he will be employed in about 15 minutes.  He will be courted by Cleveland where the front office is littered with ex-Packer staff.  He’ll have Baker Mayfield and a roster that might be more talented than the one he currently coaches.  He will be missed but it is likely time for him to get a change of venue.
Aaron Rodgers can go back to being Superman.  He needs to be larger than life for four quarters per week, 16 weeks a year plus playoffs.  Currently he is a decent quarterback and a so-so team that is having his leadership skills called into question daily.  NO ONE wins that debate.    The Packer brass can go find him the next Sean McVay and let Aaron dictate policy until his career is over.
It is not all doom and gloom.  We have a world class QB.  We are NEVER going to be anywhere but located in a shrine to American football in Small Town USA.  We have history and we have a future.  And we are kidding ourselves if we believe our present has any chance of working itself out.  There is no reason to assign blame and there is no reason to reinvent the team.  We need to get back to having a talented roster and we need to get back to having our quarterback creating miracles.  That will not happen in the current situation so let McCarthy walk with our undying thanks and move the F on.