The Key to Russian Response to Tariffs

Blue Jeans


The US is currently up in arms about the newly re-imposed US tariffs to many countries and the much anticipated retaliation has begun.  In this global game of tit-for-tat, it is obvious that this is nothing anyone really wants and will likely come to some compromise as cooler heads prevail.  But in the meantime, there has GOT to be a way to capitalize on this situation.  It’s the American Way!!

Now is the time for all Americans to clean out their closets.  This is not a metaphorical statement, really clean out your closet.  How many Americans have hung on to “old jeans” citing the fact that they are certain they will lose enough weight to fit into them again?  And of that large majority who do not make it back to somewhere near “ideal weight”, what is to be done with those old jeans?

Send em to Russia!  Cash in on your own personal combination of thrift and age and put those old jeans to work for you.  There are a million ways to sell stuff on-line and there is cash to be made.  Sell your old jeans and put the money in your new jeans.  Sell your old jeans and use the cash to start a business or raise money for your favorite charity.  Sell your old jeans make the young person’s day down at the lemonade stand or the senior citizens day down at the senior center.  Do something other than worry.

This most recent tariff exchange may be long-term; it may be nothing more than a Johnson-swinging contest or fall somewhere in-between.  Being conservative by nature and a businessman at the core, it is my task for this website to see the liberal side of the coin.  So heed some advice my liberal friends, and make some cash like the 1%ers do!  Cash in on whatever the current landscape allows like a true capitalist, and laugh your ass off knowing there is some 19 year old Russian dufus walking around St. Petersburg wandering around wearing your old jeans.