The Sheridan Lanes Baggo League

The Expansion Grows


On Monday nights, in the north east corner of the Sheridan Lanes parking lot, 26 teams shoot bags.  From humble beginnings in 2014 when 6 and eventually 8 teams signed up, the league has grown at a rapid pace.  Said league organizer and commissioner Jason Griffin, on the uptick in teams, “we really haven’t done any advertising.  Just some on Facebook and word of mouth but the teams just keep wanting to sign up”.  Griffin mentioned that the league could have very easily expanded to 30 teams but once the season started he decided that 26 teams was the number for this year.

So what makes this league so special?  “Jason has really done a great job upgrading the boards and being organized and communicating with the teams”, said Linda Hegewald, captain of past league champion Bill’s Corner Club, “and he cares.  He cares that everyone is having a good time and goes way above and beyond with some of the extras he provides for the league”.  Those extras include a trip to the Kingfish game in The Fishbowl with food and drinks for each player and a guest. With a blind-draw doubles tournament that starts at Sheridan Lanes and has the semis and the finals at the ballgame.

And there is a new wrinkle this year.  “In the middle of the league I stop everyone and bring boards out in the middle for everyone to see.  Then whoever is shooting that night on each team gets a ticket for a chance to win gift cards from the Sponsor of the Week.  Last week was Twisted Cuisine.  They donated (3) $15 gift cards.  If your ticket gets pulled you have 1 bag to throw it in the hole and win the gift card that night. If you miss,  we keep going.  It took 22 people to win all 3 gift cards.  It’s all eyes on you when you get called.  Pretty exciting and nerve racking at the same time”.

Other sponsors include Sheridan Lanes, Wisconsin Fuel, Jeffery Motors, Infusinos and Limbach Chiropractic (shout out to Doc Rock!!).  All sponsors are displayed on different sets of boards and makes for a well-run, well received league.  Rumor has it there may actually be a food truck showing up in the near future and the drinks are always cold.  The Sheridan Lanes Baggo League is like its own little city on Monday nights.  If you are too old for volleyball or too young for bocce..if you believe that softball is dead or that golf is boring, you might consider looking into a baggo league…The Sheridan Lanes Baggo may be the best summer league in the city.