Top 10 Reasons To Eat At El Fuego Gyros

Easily One of Kenosha's Best


El Fuego is located 2828-75th Street in Kenosha on the east end of the convenience store at that location

10. Big Al’s Burrito.  It is a burrito the size of your forearm and has the rice on the inside.  Excellent portion and long on taste, this was a “break from the usual” surprise of goodness.

9.  The People.  I’ve seen everything from cops to construction workers, to regular folks to CEO’s enjoying Kenosha’s best kept secret.

8. Taco Tuesday.  On Tuesday’s you can get 5 ground beef tacos for $5.  As good as any taco Tuesday anywhere the special has ever existed.

7. It is always clean and well maintained.  I always give props to a place that cares about appearance. I have no problem ordering food from a grill and prep area that looks like theirs.

6. The Gyros.  I mean you gotta have a decent go-to Gyro place and El Fuego NEVER disappoints.  The pound of Gyros to go is an insane amount of food for the money.

5. The El Fuego Burger.  Truth be told, I have yet to have but I’ve been with people who have.  A delicious burger (which I’ve had) with just a pile of Gyro meat on it (which I’ve also had).

4. Convenience.  Located within the same walls of a convenience store and a liquor store, you can fill up with gas, grab your drinks, your few items you need for the house AND an amazing meal in one stop.

3. The Dry Rub Bone-In Wings.  Superior tasting wings.  Just the right amount of crisp and snap.  The meat on the inside is just snow-white and as moist as can be.

2. The 3 for $5 Authentic Steak Tacos.  I get mine truly authentic meaning double-wrapped corn tortilla with just cilantro and onions.  Easily my favorite meal on a loaded menu.

1. It is the same man preparing your food EVERY time.  I always engage in conversation but I don’t really know the guy.  What I do know is of the…um…several times I’ve been in there, he is the only person I’ve ever seen that is always there.  He genuinely wants to know that you enjoyed your meal and that you will be coming back.  I will be going back.