TV Jockstrap: Block those Annoying Scrolls and Tickers

By: Rick Limpert


Seems ironic, but the product that put the biggest smile on my face at CES 2019 the first week in January was probably the most low tech product I saw all week in Las Vegas.

For the uninitiated, CES is the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. It’s the biggest convention in the world with almost 200,000 people in Vegas that week, just for the show. It’s the early year showcase of all the gadgets and tech that will debut in 2019, or in years to come.

So when I came across an item so simple, and that it actually hides technology in its unique way, I had to check it out and see more.

It’s at that moment that I discovered the TV Jockstrap. (

The TV Jockstrap masks the bottom or top of the screen without any permanent attachment to the television, or any scratches. It is made of soft woven elastic, and easily adjusts to different size screens.

The two-inch elastic strap wraps around the top or bottom of a TV screen to hide tickers that show other scores and results during a game, an election or newscasts. So if someone likes to record games and watch them later, TV spoilers are a thing of the past. If you are bothered by multiple annoying scrolls on election night, here is your elastic solution.

Pro tip: For added grip on large screens, fold loose end back over the plastic buckle and though the opposite slot. It is properly adjusted when the strap is straight and does not sag across the screen. If desired, cut off the excess length at a 45 degree angle and seal the end against fraying with a hot steam iron passed quickly along the cut.

5-star reviews are plentiful.

Fast & easy to slip onto the bottom of the tv, and the annoying sports ticker disappears! It’s mind-boggling that nobody thought of this before now. Our tv is wall-mounted, so this is the best AND only real solution to hide the sports ticker. Durable stretchy components and easy to adjust the buckle. Genius!

Give it a try. Order yours on Amazon or at  Just $12.99!