Water Workouts Worthwhile with Aquabike

By: Rick Limpert


Sometimes exercises prove to be problematic for individuals due to their impact on joints and increased chance of injury. HIIT, weight-lifting and running, while all beneficial types of exercise, are not a feasible workout for those rehabbing an injury or just generally less physically fit. Individuals may have the desire to exercise and lose weight, but find many popular, high-intensity workouts are just too strenuous on their bodies when just starting out. Indoors or outdoors, Aquabiking is the perfect way to jump back into a solid exercise routine with quick results, with the least chance of increased injury or pain.

Aquabiking offers a variety of benefits. It’s an impactful piece of workout equipment suitable for everyone, and also highly recommended by medical sector. Here are some reasons why:


Easy and Safe

While only putting forth a 12th of the effort when compared to traditional cycling, individuals are still getting the same results when they exercise. Water workouts allow to only feel ⅓ of your body weight. In addition, aquabiking is a low-impact workout, so it’s much easier for those individuals with fragile joints. It also aids those who can only engage in a low-impact exercise.


Your Cardiovascular System

Traditional cycling can be very strenuous, so it may not be easy to exert that level of energy for a long period of time. When you incorporate water resistance, you can sustain this type of exercise for a longer period of time, therefore increasing the benefits. Aquabiking basically equals better results with less effort!


Feel the Burn of Calories

Users will be able to burn anywhere from 300-to-500 calories in just 30 minutes when aquabiking. In addition to a quick calorie burn with less effort, aquabiking offers a full-body workout, making it necessary to set aside additional time to work on abs, arms, legs, etc.


Injury Rehab

The low-impact nature of water provides a faster recovery for knees, hips, and other extremities. While your body recovers, continue to work out at a comfortable pace and slowly increase the intensity as you start to feel better. This helps your muscles regain strength and mobility in a safe way as you work towards recovery.

Whether you are trying to stay in shape, create a regular exercise regimen, rehabilitate an injury, train for an athletic event, or just relax after a long day, Wike-Up! Aquabike combines multiple fitness benefits, and offers af full body workout with less risk of injuries. The Aquabike is typically used in private pools, but is also a key piece of equipment utilized by city recreation centers, sport & medical facilities, communities, and hotel resorts.

Additionally, AquaNess by Wike-Up! water bike is the lightest and strongest fitness equipment on the market, starting at 18lbs. All aquabikes are made from marine aluminum and offer a unique combination of benefits such as lightness, mechanical resistance and high corrosion resistance in salt and chlorinated water. The main benefit is to lift in and lift out the pool without difficulties.

AquaNess by Wike-Up! is defined by two different kind of aquabikes:

The Fitness models are perfect for the passive exerciser that may have particular fitness restrictions or are just starting out with a new exercise routine. The Fitness Aquabike range has an adjustable blade resistance. The more they are spread apart in the water, the more the resistance will increase. In addition, the Fitness Plus model has an adjustable positions options and has neoprene pedals like the Performance range.

The Performance models are perfect for aspiring or professional athletes with deeply-rooted sports-related exercise regimens. The Performance range proposes an adjustable resistance with a regulated braking system. Unlike the Performance model, the Performance Plus model can adjust the position and height of it saddle, and the height of its handlebar and feet.

See more here: https://wike-up.com. Aquabike investments start at $1290.

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