10 Great Things About Living In Kenosha

The Upside


Below is a summary of the best things about living in Kenosha.  Follow us to get the flip side of this story later in the week.

The Events at Lake Michigan:  Peanut Butter and Jam, Tribute Island, Tuesday’s at the Band Shell, picnics, beaches, beach parties and just enjoying a slow ride from end to end, the Kenosha Lakefront is an amazing host to all types of parties.  We are blessed to be able to relax on the shores of this “Great” Lake.
Traditions:  Festival season is upon us and you know there is that one person you ONLY see at festival time and you see EVERY festival season.  Hanging out at the bike races or drinking beers at the Rotary Softball Tournament at Lincoln Park make Kenosha a special place to live.
Location:  Tucked halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago. Kenosha has essentially everything one could need to terms of location.  An hour and change from downtown Chicago and less than an hour from downtown Milwaukee, there are three airports to chose from and endless employment and entertainment opportunities in the area.
Italian Heritage:  Having the Italian heritage rule the landscape of Kenosha lends itself to many things.  The sense of family, the expressive nature, the food, the religious base and the general sense of true community are still commonplace in Kenosha.  This may be a 2018, slightly watered down version of the Italian culture, but it will never leave the city.
The Food (Italian):  The Italian food choices in Kenosha are second to none.  Try finding a better lunch special anywhere on the planet as good and as filling at the calzone special at Ruffolo’s.  There are a dozen different amazing pizza options, and the Italian cuisine will of course, dictate the food options in Kenosha. The Italian American Society meatball simply has no equal…anywhere!  Carl’s, Luigi’s and DeRango’s are all top notch Italian restaurants.
The Food (non-Italian):  The Ron’s 5×5, the hot beef at TG’s, the multitude of Fish Fry’s, the Frank’s Diner Garbage Plate and Uncle Swami’s Football Sunday breakfast burritos at Sunnyside.  The 3 for $5 authentic steak taco special at El Fuego is an under-the-radar gem and the Double Philly Cheese Stake at Standing Room Only is several outstanding meals in one purchase.  Italian food is king in Kenosha, but the non-Italian options here are as plentiful as they are delicious.
Small Town Atmosphere:  No matter how big Kenosha gets, it will always have that small town vibe.  Many people run in the same circles and it is never had to find someone that knows someone, is related to someone, played ball with someone or used to live next door to someone.  That can be a bit of a deterrent if you got something to hide or are looking to stay somewhat anonymous. It is a strong circle to be locked into if you wish to be “in the know”.
Continuing Education Options:  The options available for higher education in Kenosha are very strong.  Cathage College, UW Parkside and Gateway Technical College lead a strong list of options for higher education in the area.  A Carthage degree is a high-end degree and is known across the nation as a top flight education.  A Parkside degree is an open door to a quality profession and further education.  A Gateway degree is a working class degree that translates to employ ability.
Landmarks:  Kenosha has many “must-visit” places with three locations leading the pack.  Tenuta’s Deli is in a class by itself.  The food, the drinks, the people, the place…like no other.  The Brat Stop is another Kenosha birth-rite and a place that everyone should experience.  Get a brat, watch a game, see a band.  And the new and improved Mars Cheese Castle is a shoppers paradise.  Grab a cart and turn off your phone for at least an hour.  Toss in places like The Spot and The Bartley House and you have several iconic Kenosha institutions that have simply always been here and have always been great.
The Future:  The future is bright for KTown.  Sure there is still some work to do but the downtown area is slowly rebounding and becoming a great lakefront city.  The jobs are far more plentiful than the amount of people there are to fill them.  The housing market is strong and the feel of the city is about as high as it has been since the height of AMC.   The influx of business, capital, and opportunity has created a bit of a shortage of quality people in the area so the greater the components of Kenosha, WI, the more likely we are to attract more quality people to the area to enjoy them.