Betsy Ade: Third Time’s a Charm

0-2 In Battles is a Fantastic Thing

Kenosha’s Betsy Ade has now competed head-to-head twice on NBC’s smash hit The Voice and she has come out on the short end of the decisions both times.  She first went head-to head with Lisa Ramey (also from #teamlegend) and she didn’t advance but she was immediately stolen by Kelly Clarkson.  Then she went head-to-head with Kim Cherry from #teamblake and again she did not move on and again she was immediately stolen by Adam Levine.  And those “non-wins” were absolutely the best thing that could have happened to her.
The obvious upside to the amazing journey thus far of Betsy Ade will be the unique opportunity to work with three different coaches.  John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Adam Levine have now all had the opportunity to work with Betsy on her journey to super stardom.  It is an opportunity that comes along about once in every three lifetimes.  But it is perhaps not the most important thing about not being declared a battle winner.  The true victory here is simply more TV time!!
If Betsy wins either of those first two battles, she is lauded by her coach and shuffles off stage to wait for the next opportunity.  BUT, stand up there in the high leverage, high drama situation, with America on pins and needles wondering if today is the end of the show for you…knowing full well the coaches involved already know you are a major talent and you aren’t going anywhere, and what you got is some serious star-making power.  Adam Levine already is a Hollywood talent, and he knows what a Hollywood talent looks and sounds like, and when he grabs Betsy for inclusion onto her third team, it solidifies her standing as truly one of the front runners to win it all.
There are a million reasons why millions of people decide to vote they way that they did, that is pretty much a given.  The beauty is, in this process, there are enough steals and saves to make sure that no true talent gets sent home early.  NBC is not producing a show, NBC is producing stars.  Fans around the world get to vote for their favorites and that is a great thing.  NBC and the judges have enough options at their disposal to keep the stars out in front of the viewing audience…and Betsy Ade has been in the center of all of that attention.  For that reason it is easy to say “not winning either of her two battles was the best possible thing that could have happened to Betsy Ade”.  And for the record I, like most people, believe she won both of those battles.