The 2019 Dorian Gray Art Show

A Dr Destruction Production

The 35th installment of the Dorian Gray Art Show took place at Bindelli’s City Zoo on Kenosha’s north side on Saturday night.  The show is one of the multitude of unique creations delivered by the Kenosha ghoul turned cult-hero known as Dr. Destruction.  The show featured some unique and original artistic creations that ranged from the tame to the terrifying.  There were people dressed in character having a great time partying with people wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  The music was hard, the beer was cold, and the best of many of the different personalities that make Kenosha great were mixin’ it up at The City Zoo.
The first band we saw was Amsedel from Chicago.  It was some pretty raucous speed metal..or death metal…I don’t know enough about the genre to know too many details, but I know it was loud and I know the bass guitar was plugged in.  Dressed in character. Amsedel put on an intense show and had the crowd buzzin’, when The Roosevelt Dolls took the stage.  Playing what could be described as a kinder, gentler brand of Death Metal, Dr Destruction and his band showed excellent musicianship and a theatrical flair one would come to expect from the good Dr.
Everything that took place at the 2019 Dorian Gray Art Show was entertaining.  From the creative works, to the spirited music to the world-class people watching, the evening was a celebration of diversity and individuality.  It is not every night you go out to experience a Saturday night in KTown, but a true experience is what took place at Bindelli’s City Zoo.  So the next time you see an opportunity to attend a Dr Destruction Production, do yourself a favor and check it out, you will enjoy the diversion from the ordinary and embrace the unusual.  Great job Dr D!