Brewers Nation: Embrace the Disrespect

We Just Have To Be Ourselves

Death, taxes and a universal disrespect for the Milwaukee Brewers.  When it comes to the belief of any of the talking heads, when speaking about baseball’s final four, the Milwaukee Brewers will come in 5th. Well the time has come to embrace that.  To not only forgive Bob Costas for calling our guy Jesus Aguilara, but to start actually calling our guy Jesus Aguilara.  To insist Craig Counsell wears only a Colorado Rockies hat because allegedly that is not the team that drafted him.  And to outfit the entire infield with shirts that say “I’m covering for Shaw’s 13 errors at 2B”.
WTMJ should stream 30 straight minutes of just the Alice Cooper scene in Wayne’s World followed by a Happy Days/LaVerne and Shirley/That 70’s Show marathon.  Bring in silent superstars like Aaron and Yount and mix in a little Prince for some sound and embrace who and what we are….Brewers fans.  There is nothing anyone can do to change what is coming.  There is no one that believes anything but the fact that it is indeed coming.  So why not beat the ignorant to the punch and feed off the insults they don’t even know they spew.
So embrace the comments about the surprise of the Brewers paying LoCain even though “he sure seems to have earned it”.  Cheer when they discuss Yeli now playing in a “hitter friendly” ballpark to put some kind of spin on one of the greatest seasons in recent history.  Play drinking games based on how many times they mention the Brewer bullpen as though that was the only thing that won them the Central Division.
Zero respect is coming people…live with it.  We got to witness what Kratzie accomplished, not just hear about it in a 47 second interview.  We had a front row seat to Hader’s star being born.  To see Chacin go from an innings eater to an ace.  We lived it and their version of what we saw is never going to be close to accurate or have any depth to it, so why sweat it.  And when we make it to the next phase, there will be no respect there to be found.
We are a self contained group.  With the exception of Yeli getting us Baker Mayfield, there are not a lot of celebrities and talking heads that are going to jump on board.  The Brewers are the city they represent, humble, self-aware and capable of greatness.  It is a perfect blend of local and international.  And it is a patient bunch that has endured and embraced the journey to relevance. So fear not, the disrespect is coming!  We need to just wear it as the badge of honor it is because deep down, the rest of em wished they knew…but they don’t.