Provides Exercise, Recovery and Physical Therapy Music

By Rick Limpert

889 announced the launch of, the first algorithmically driven music program for the mHealth industry. As the $27 Billion mHealth market continues to produce devices and apps at a fever pitch,, leveraging’s mobile retention and ROI expertise, will provide the soundtrack to enhance healthcare’s modern mobile movement. is focused on decreasing an estimated $370 Billion in healthcare cost by making mHealth apps and devices more effective for patients. Smartly curated music has already proven effective at increasing exercise frequency by 2-3x, which improves outcomes for digital fitness programs. will be breaking new music ground by helping society reduce anxiety, increase mindfulness, improve motor recovery, complete physical therapy exercises and even aid in taking one’s medication on time and in the correct manner.

“mHealth is the single most positive shift in healthcare in the last fifty years and is excited to help place the healing powers of music and sound into broader health programs with the launch of,” said CEO Jeff Yasuda.

This is music for the entire body.

“As music has a strong impact on the brain, it can be personalized to drive clinical outcomes,” said MedRhythms President Owen McCarthy. “The neuroscience supports the use of music and the components of music as the mechanism of action to drive motor recovery and lasting physiological change. Combine this with the Digital Therapeutics movement, it is the perfect time to harness the neuroscience to mobilize and personalize the delivery of evidence-based therapeutics and we applaud the launch of to speed this medical musical movement.”

Recovering from an illness, rehabilitating from an injury or beginning a weight reduction or smoking cessation program all share common characteristics and challenges.’s specific purpose is to increase the benefit, effectiveness and revenue associated with these life-changing programs. Properly curated and synched with program goals,’s music will help participants to continue with mHealth programs at their most challenging moments. The platform and team of musicologists and music licensing experts combine to remove all the risk and guesswork out of licensing, curating and sharing music for patients.

Music as Medicine

Stress reduction – listening to music lowers cortisol hormone levels that cause stress and anxiety (15 studies).

Stroke recovery – verbal memory improved 60% in music listeners versus 18% in audiobook listeners and 29% in non-listeners (University of Helsinki).

Pain reduction – post-op children who listened to music demonstrated pain decreases equivalent to taking Panadol (study).

For centuries, music has proven to drive user retention, workout motivation, stress relief, and faster recovery. Top brands like Fitbit Coach, MoveWith, Pear Sports, ClassPass, ASICS, DailyBurn and the LA Marathon are working with to integrate popular music in their experiences with their customers