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In Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Giannis did not score as needed.  In Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals the Bucks decided Khris Middleton would have to score for them to win.  The results of a poorly played, Milwaukee Buck uptempo Game 3 resulted in a double overtime loss.  The result of Game 4 was a half-court slug fest with a half-court team and was a blowout.

Giannis scored..Middleton’s stat line was excellent and the Milwaukee Bucks never had a chance of winning that game.  They won 60 games during the regular season attacking the rim..putting pressure on the other team’s defense the entire game.  And that tempo fed the No 1 defensive unit in the NBA.  Tuesday night the Bucks decided they were a half-court team..using a high ball screen pick and roll as much during Game 4 as they did the entire last month of the season.

Yea, it can be ugly when you go three straight turnovers and they come back and hit you with 6 or 7 points.  But anyone what has watched the Bucks all season knows that the scenario just mentioned was generally followed up with a 24-6 run by the Bucks and the game was over.  And yes, the stakes are a bit higher in the playoffs, but now is not the time to decide to change your stripes.  If Bledsoe is the issue then keep George Hill with his minutes..just make sure George Hill is still playing the Bledsoe role and attacking the basket.

The Bucks have only been blown out twice in recent memory and it was a result of going away form that which has been their signature this entire season…putting pressure on the rim.  Irsan and Lopez and Mirotic are “just guys” when the Bucks are running offense…they are almost undefendable when the Bucks are winning basketball games. Those two blowouts are on the coach.  Yea, Giannis didn’t score in Game 3, that don’t mean you have to run offense to get Middleton to score when you really haven’t run offense the entire season.

You WILL NOT win a toe-to-toe battle with Toronto.  You need to run Marc Gasol’s old ass up and down the floor..you need to make Leonard run and defend on the move.  You let them run high screen pick and rolls and they will absolutely eat your lunch.  I personally don’t care who the other 4 guys not named Giannis are that are on the floor, just play the game you’ve played all year.  You ran away from the NBA…now just run away from the Raptors.