Why I am a Bledsoe Apologist

And Why Giannis is Staying Put


I have been called an Eric Bledsoe apologist and I believe that is an accurate statement.  Bledsoe is again the topic of conversation after playing poorly last playoff season and this year he most certainly remains a topic of debate.  The reason I am a Bledsoe fan is because he wakes up in the morning of game day knowing he is going to the stadium to play defense…to take the ball to the hole and finish or find Giannis…and to play with a set of balls.

I’m well aware of the logic behind reigning in the emotions to where you remain a viable option in an NBA playoff game, but I’m not sure this guy is wired that way.  He either hugely impacts the outcome of the game or he is borderline detrimental when it is going poorly.  And to Coach Bud’s credit, he is prepared and just reacts accordingly.  Considering the Bucks won 60 regular season games, he can’t have sucked that bad.  He didn’t suck at all.

Extending Bledsoe to a new deal to the tune of 17-18 millionish for 4 years means one thing…the Bucks now have locked up a very good little to go with the very best of the biggs to go to the rack all game every game.  They will undoubtedly look to lock up Malcom Brogden and now almost any shooter….in an NBA full of shooters…..can have success in Milwaukee. That being said, having a game-by-game relationship with Bledsoe is worse than having a game-by-game relationship with UW’s Ethan Happ.

I believe the Bucks commitment to the style of play that Giannis thrives in is a determining factor in the Bucks chances to lock up The Freak long-term.  And the beauty part is Bledsoe has a shorter memory than a football DB and he could show up to the stadium the next game and by his play can guarantee a Bucks victory.  He has done that countless times this season.  So it is a tad lonely right now on Bledsoe island but I’m staying with my guy and I’m thanking god for George Hill