Impossible Movie Quiz: Vol 4

Can You Meet The Burke Standard?


Back by popular demand….the Impossible Movie Knowledge Quiz Vol 4:


The “Wolverines”, in the Patrick Swayze version of Red Dawn, go to what high school? *Super Bonus if you know what the score of the football game was on the football field scoreboard and the name of the team they last played?

Two Point Break..the Keanu Reeves version…questions. How much did Utah pay for 2 meatball sandwiches, a tuna on wheat, and 2 lemonades?

Second, what number was Johnny Utah at Ohio St.?

What 2 items of produce was The Godfather trying to purchase when the assassination attempt was made?

In The American President, what was the name of the restaurant that Lewis was going to have a celebratory steak at, after the Crime Bill passed?

In Rounders, what hand does Teddy KGB have when Mike folds a monster and reveals Teddy’s “tell”? *Bonus points if you know what sport is on the TV as Teddy says “Paaye dat man is mah-nee”?

From the movie Dodgeball…finish the quote as Peter first walks in and sees the inside of Katherine’s unicorn house…”Sweet ________”!

At the very end of Wedding Crashers, what’s the name of the wedding they consider crashing?

Name the King from Babylon referenced in The Matrix and also in A Charlie Brown’s Christmas?

How much do the Duke’s lose in the stock market in Trading Places?


10 Is your name Burke? 

9-8 Great job…you need to get out more 

7-6 This is likely the average…nice job being average 

5-3 Unimpressive 

2-0 Well hopefully those movies entertained you anyway 

*Bonus The Rounders Bonus is easier than the Red Dawn Bonus…props if you got em all.