Snap-On Tools Celebrates 100 Years: A First Class Party

Kenosha's Cornerstone Business


Food, Drinks, Music, Cars and….Hot Air Balloons and Skydivers??  Yes, Snap-On threw down and hosted a party that was truly second to none. To make it 100 plus years in business, you must be doing something right….many things right, and Snap-On Tools has spent a century doing just that. They are a cornerstone company here in Kenosha, WI, and are widely considered the Gold Standard of hand tools. So it only stands to reason that they are going to throw a party to celebrate their 100th Anniversary in grand fashion. The party did not disappoint. Held on the grounds at World Headquarters, The Snap-On 100th celebration was packed, it was hot, it was loud and it was full of entertainment for all of their loyal employees and their families. The public was also invited.

If you are throwing a party around here and you want music, the best there is by 100 miles is Bella Cain. Most people have had the opportunity to see or at least hear about Bella Cain. They have a huge following, they play major venues and they can go from “Mountain Music” by Alabama to “Vehicle” by The Ides of March and sound equally amazing. A perfect musical fit for the diverse crowd gathered at the corner of 80th and 30th. The food options were endless. I saw pulled pork, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, chicken strips…you name it, it was there. And of course ice cream and snow cones for the kids. There were vehicles everywhere. Car show cars, racing cars, car haulers, Snap-On service trucks as well as multiple drones flying around the grounds.

And Snap-On being a family-friendly company, there was tons of stuff for the kids to do. A giant Snap-On Socket Slide, pony rides, two different rock climbing walls, ferris wheel, and merry-go-round too. There were countless displays including the Snap-On 100th Anniversary Sign made completely out of sockets (cover photo), a huge float, and several interactive opportunities. And two giant hot air balloons that you could actually go up in. And the night closed with skydivers!! Skydivers who were essentially hand-delivering fireworks. A perfect ending to a perfect celebration.

So kudos to Snap-On Tools for thriving in business for a century and for putting on a celebration worthy of a 100-year-old business leader. My wife is a proud member of the Snap-On team and has been for 16 years. It has been a great place for her to call home and they have helped our family earn our living and provide for our children. My oldest daughter did an internship there while still at Tremper and it was great that she and her husband and their sons were there to celebrate with us. As we left last night, Snap-On CEO Nick Pinchuk was sitting in his CEO mobile (a cross between a huge golf cart and The Pope Mobile), and my wife just walked right up and shook his hand and thanked him for an incredible party. True to form, Mr. Pinchuk stopped his conversation and thanked all 7 of us for coming. And that is what makes Snap-On a special place. From the CEO to a loyal employee, everyone understands they are a family and when you are with your family, only the best will do. Here’s to another 100 years!