Kenosha Cub Fans: Don’t Flatter Yourselves

Way Happier With A Brewers Win Than A Cubs Loss


The Cubs were recently eliminated from the playoffs and since that day I have heard three times that Brewers fans love the Cub loss more than the Brewers win.  Let me assure you from one Brewer fan’s perspective…that it just crazy talk.  KTown is a 24/7/365 civil war concerning the IL and WI teams and I for one enjoy being right in the middle of it.  And it sure seems to me that ever since the playoff (and World Series) Cubs arrived, no matter how good or bad either team really is, somehow the Cubs are just soooo much better than the Brewers.  And perhaps Brewers fans are a little sick and tired of hearing it.

Since the Cubs won the World Series, the two teams have pretty much run a dead heat.  The Cubs, over the last 3 years, are 269-215, as of the writing of this article.  That’s a .555 winning percentage.  In that same time, the Brewers are 271-213 for a .559 winning percentage.  The Cubs salary this season 218M…Brewers 128M.  Cubs drew 3.1M fans in the third largest media market in the country.  The Brewers drew 2.9M fans in the 36th largest media market in the country (and they really don’t need the Cub fan’s help to sell out Cub/Brewers games..they would be sold out no matter what so the numbers are what they are).

The three year numbers are Cubs .255 AVG .334 OBP .433 SLG .767 OPS.  Brewers .249 AVG .325 OBP .422 SLG and .755 OPS.  Cubs are slightly higher than The Crew but the numbers are small.  Pitching, Cubs 3.89 ERA and 1.32 WHIP.  Brewers 4.04 and 1.29 WHIP.  Higher ERA for The Crew, higher WHIP for the Cubs.  All those stats seem to me to be the summary of two very evenly matched teams.  2017 the Cubs lost to the Dodgers in the NLCS, the Brewers missed the playoffs by one game.  2018 the Cubs lost the NL Wildcard game, the Brewers lost to the Dodgers in the NLCS.  2019 the Cubs missed the playoffs and the Brewers fate has yet to be determined but they will be in the playoffs.

This all leads to the purpose of this article.  How come it always seems like the Cub fans are just so very convinced that the Cubs are so much better than the Brewers?  I don’t see it, and the numbers and history back my observation.  So when the Cubs took their second consecutive nose dive this season, maybe some Brewer fans that have been pissed off for being pissed on by Cub fans ever since your World Series win, maybe some folks took some jabs.  Please don’t be foolish enough to believe that Brewer fans are happier with the Cubs taking another dump than they are with the Brewers making an even more historic run than last year’s historic run.  It is truly not even close.

The reason it is easy to take a shot at a Cub fan now is because you happen to be done while the Brewers are not.  So cutting into a Cub fan at this point is simply a value-added bonus…Thanks Brewers!!  I’m not going to waste my time tearing into the Cubs too deep because personally I hope their pitching throws three consecutive no-hitters this weekend.  And I’m way too sports-superstitious to be pointing fingers or calling people out.  But some people will, and in my opinion they have that right.  Brewer fans have been listening for 3 years about how great the Cubs are and that the Brewers are pretty good “but….”.  Let’s put those but’s down and take a look at the numbers, take a look at the results and take a look towards the future.  The Crew could lose all three this weekend in Colorado and then get shut out by Scherzer.  This is baseball, much is possible.  But Brewer’s fans are hoping for the best.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking your failure is more important than our success, it’s just something to smile about.