Vintage Baseball: When Opie Met Tito

From The Lens Of Rich Kee


The year was 1981 and I was working from the first base outside photo well one particular Sunday with the Montreal Expos in town. To my pleasant surprise I noticed Ron Howard seated on the Expos bench in full uniform enjoying the game. He saw that I noticed him and we exchanged some smiles and thumbs up as I discreetly captured a few frames of him without blowing his cover. Throughout the years I always had misgivings about the shots because of the young ball boy seated near him in the frame. Fast forward thirty years and reviewing that photo in my photo archives I paid closer attention to the “ball boy” who I realized it was none other than a Expo rookie by the name of Terry Francona! Soon after my discovery I shared the printed photos with both Ron and Terry and they served up plenty of laughs and good memories for all of us.