Kenosha’s Basement Benchwarmers (Audio Interview)

KTown Sports Podcast


Basement Benchwarmers is a podcast created by four local Kenosha gents. Sports topics, current events, news from Kenosha…these fellas cover it all. The show has quite a bit of polish and as is always the case, an admitted work in progress. Please give these guys a listen, it is really entertaining and it is likely coming from some guys you know to some degree. I’ve been doing some type of broadcasting for over 30 years so it is always nice to sit back and listen to someone else’s thoughts and opinions..but from the “regular guy” point of view where I also reside. Kudos guys…really well done. You can find their stuff here:

Facebook – @Basement Benchwarmers

Instagram- @Basement Benchwarmers

Twitter- @basebenchwarmer

The questions were as follows:

Introduce us to the starting 4 if you would

Where is your home stadium and is it more like Cameron Indoor or the Reuther Gymnasium?

Of the 4 of you, who actually was the biggest benchwarmer?

What types of topics do you like to dig into?

What subject have you all been most heated about?

How have Basement Benchwarmers been received?

Do you believe that Willie’s caricature makes him look more like Gabby Hayes or bootleg royalty Popcorn Sutton?

You are very involved in the Blade Memorial Tournament, tell us your roles.

What is the end game…what wins you the belt?