Kenoshas Dart Master: Tim Tegel

The Cobra Strikes On A National Level


So you are a really really great dart player..and not just like local bars great, but national level great including playing multiple times for Team USA, were you a natural from the jump or did you just work at it harder than everyone else?

I practice every day.  And I do mean every day.  I work at it.  Softball throws from Left Center in the outfield definitely helped develop accuracy.  I had a good arm and I was always accurate with the throws.  That helped right away and I started playing darts in 1981 and went pro in 1992.

How did the “Cobra” persona come to be?

In 1972 a buddy of mine called me The Cobra and it stuck.  Later on in 1972 I went out and got The Cobra tattoo out in Lake Geneva.  Cobra ever since!

What is your favorite place to shoot in Kenosha, WI?

It is great at Local 72 when they have the city championships from Sam’s Amusement there, that is always a great set up.  My favorite local bar I’d have to say is Bull’s Eye over on 60th and 28th.  Great local venue.

What is your favorite place to shoot in the country?

Gotta be the national tournaments out in Vegas…and I’m going again next year with a real good team.  We used to play back in the day a lot at the Riviera.  The best from many different countries competing, Vegas is a great place for darts.

Of all the local, state, regional and national championships you have won, does any one individual win stand out above the rest?

Winning multiple state championships in singles and doubles has been great, but winning a National Single’s Title in 2005, against an international field out in Las Vegas, is the one that will always stick out in my mind.

Do you have a number on the dart board that gives you more trouble than the rest?

Absolutely not!  And for the record, 68 bulls eye’s in a row is a personal best.

Having played on some great softball teams from the Golden Age like Beer Gardens and Wicks Siding, did you go right from softball to darts?

Well by 1992 I was winning state a championship in singles and in ’92 and 93″ I won the doubles for the state.  And as far as softball, hell, I’m still playin and I love it.

What is your favorite Kenosha softball memory?

Winning the City Championship for 14″ with the old Wicks Siding team.  That team was absolutely loaded and was probably one the best rosters of any team ever put together in Kenosha.

Who is the best dart shooter in Kenosha not named Tim Tegel?

The Cobra!!  Haha, just playin’.  There are a lot of real good younger guys in Kenosha right now.  I’d have to say Cody Brunello is maybe the best, but there really are a lot of good young shooters.

Can you get better at darts or are you as good as you are going to get?

I’m gonna keep working at it I know that.  I lose my fair share because I compete against the best in the game.  I will always keep trying to improve.

One last question, when you travel nationally to compete, are folks aware of the Legend of the Kenosha Cobra?

Pretty much, anyone who is any good knows The Cobra.  That is not me trying to be egotistical that is just the way it is.  Local, regional, national..players that are the best all know who I am.