Podcast: Original Member, Original Dude…BDW

Founding Member Of Whatever This Is We Do



During the Instant Replay on AM 1050 WLIP, 3 Hour Extravaganza, he was a strong contributor. Then on to Blog Talk Radio doin the Fantasy Lunch where he was a co-host and that was where we met Matt Schauf (no relation) from Draft Sharks and Dolphin great Richmond Webb. Next up was Kenosha Sports Extra the AM 1050 (again) radio version where he was essentially the co-founder of whatever we became. And now to Kenosha Sports Extra The Podcast, where he can finally, legally fly the F-Bomb. His creative melon has been extremely important to this near 15 years of messin around with doing a show. It will forever be a Don’s inside joke. He will forever hold exalted status.