KTown: Where Everybody Knows your Name

The Smallest Big City Around


With a population of around 100,000 people, Kenosha WI could be the smallest mid-sized city in the country.  Kenosha is a city where everybody knows everything about everyone and everyone is somehow interconnected to everyone else to some degree.  The level of familiarity can be a blessing as well as a curse depending upon your lifestyle and the amount of secrets you keep.

The terms “no place to hide” and “hide in plain site” can both apply to life in KTown.  In Kenosha, WI, you are what you are and everyone knows it.  It is not imperative to live a life free of drama or live in fear of taking a misstep, but it is important to understand that in KTown, someone will know your business.  Those that lead of life of complete virtue will have no problem getting that recognition because good or bad, KTown knows!

The upside of being in a place like KTown is that same closeness.  People can move to different areas of the country and when it is time to come “home” again, that closeness allows for relationships that never seem to diminish.  And it never takes much time for a transplant to feel like part of the landscape and ease into the role of Kenoshan.  And the moral of the story is do what you will at your own comfort level and swim against the KTown Stream at your own peril.