John Perry: Alpha Media

The Driving Force Behind 95 WIIL Rock and AM 1050 WLIP


What is your title at Alpha Media USA?  

Program Director/Content Director at WIIL and WLIP.

Do you handle both the AM and FM at the radio station?

I just celebrated my 25th year here. When I started, I was doing some production duties and working the overnight shift on WIIL ROCK. As others moved on, I was given the opportunity to take on both station and I of course said yes. Officially, I am the program director for 95.1 WIIL ROCK and AM 1050 WLIP.

How long have you been in that role?

In 1997, I was upped to Operations Manager and Program Director of WIIL/WLIP. The PD at the time took a job in Albany, NY and I was asked to take his place. It was always my dream job to be the Program Director at a radio station.

Give an example of something really cool that has happened recently.

Atlantic Records put together a M&G/Listening Party in NY for the new Shinedown Record, “Attention, Attention”. I was fortunate enough to make the list of attendees. About 50 or so radio/record people enjoyed an amazing dinner at TAO in Manhattan and then listened to the band members of Shinedown explain each song as they played through the in-house system. After the record was finished, Shinedown performed 6 songs acoustically. That was a really cool experience for me, especially since I’m such a huge Shinedown fan.

Do you have an all-time favorite show or performance?

Seeing Incubus perform at their Morning View house in Malibu was really cool. Another all-time favorite band.

Do you have an all-time favorite artist?

That’s a tough one. I go through different phases where I like this band one day and another band the next day. I’ve been listening to a lot of Royal Bliss, Shinedown and Rival Sons lately.

Who is the coolest rocker you have interviewed?

That’s another difficult question because I’ve had the opportunity to interview so many bands. Slash made me feel real comfortable; he was very down to earth and was just a really cool dude. I was asked to interview Ozzy last summer in Chicago. He was great! Couldn’t understand a word he said but he was very nice and professional.

What do you do when you are not doing radio stuff?

I enjoy Traveling, Ice Hockey, Live Music and hanging out with my family.

Any parting words of wisdom to the KSE Nation?

Some great advice from my dear friend Bobby…”go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated”. So simple, but so true.