Miami Dolphin Great: Richmond Webb

Hall of Fame Talent, World Class Human Being


What was the biggest adjustment from your playing days to life after football? The biggest adjustment for me was adjusting to not playing anymore. You have a schedule that you’ve had for several years and now it’s over. Being in the locker room with the guys, off season workouts,practice, watching film to playing on Sundays. It took me a few years to adjust to everything being totally different.

Are you currently an NFL fan? I am currently an NFL fan. I love watching the games. I root for my Dolphins. That’s where everything started and I always want them to do well.

You held Bruce Smith to 3.5 sacks in 14 head-to-head games, any secret to that unprecedented success? I don’t think it’s a secret. You have to be ready to play hard every down and every snap for 60 minutes. You have to mentally prepared and definitely know your assignments. That gives you a chance. He’s definitely one of the best to play the game. He did everything so well.

Tell us about a guy that maybe is not a household name that gave you fits?

Well my job wasn’t easy because I went against the premier pass rushers every week. So there several guys but most of them are household names. For example Derrick Thomas, Chris Doleman, Richard Dent and the list goes on and on.

A couple of OT’s just signed monster contracts, ever wish you’d have come along 25 years later or is everything relative? I’m actually happy that  OT’s are getting huge contracts these days. It shows that teams value the position and how important that position is. Everything is relative for me. Guys paved the way for me so I’m happy to pay it forward.

Much today is made of the social impact of the actions of NFL players, how did you handle yourself when it came to being a role model?

I tried to carry myself in a way that people would look up to me. I tried to think before I made a decision because people are watching even when you think they are not watching. I think it is much harder today because of social media and all the media outlets.

Despite having Hall of Fame numbers and endorsements from many that played with and against you, your name is missing from any consideration, your thoughts on that? I always said that I would let me resume speak for myself. It definitely feels good when you are held in high regard from your peers. I say that there are a lot of players that are deserving, but when you only put 5 or 6 guys in at a time, some of us will have to wait. I definitely think I’m deserving of that honor. I will just have to wait and see if it happens.

Is the Hall of Fame, like Pro-Bowls, a popularity contest?

I wouldn’t say it’s a popularity contest. I’m happy for everyone that has made into the Hall Of Fame.

If you had to point to one thing in your career to say “that is me, that is Richmond Webb”, what would it be? If I had one thing to say that is me, it would be that I put the team first and I laid it on the line for my teammates. That’s what was important to me.