Internet Protection at Home with eBlocker

By: Rick Limpert


You and your family are susceptible. Even in the privacy of you own home.

A new device that plugs right into you modem is the protection you need.

Meet your new best friend in eBlocker.

eBlocker is a smart device that anonymizes your online behavior. It blocks all ads, stops all trackers, hides your IP – and lets you surf the web truly anonymously – on each and everyone of your devices. Best of all: eBlocker is plug and play and requires no software installation or configuration. Simply plug it into your internet modem – it’s so easy.

This fall, the kids will be back to school, you may be updating websites, streaming video or doing research for your fantasy football team. You will be able to do all that and more without worry.

Children are protected by the smart features of the eBlocker Family before accessing unwanted content during  surfing. Parents can, for example, restrict access to certain website categories, limit surfing times, and additionally define “restricted” or “allowed” websites. Like the reliable eBlocker Pro, the eBlocker Family also  provides its users with additional privacy on the Internet by blocking all third-party collecting services and online advertising. The family and user-friendly device sets a further milestone in our fight against the unaware data collection on the Internet.

Both the eBlocker Pro and the eBlocker Family are multi-user capable. With the eBlocker Family, however, up to ten user accounts can be set up and adapted to the individual needs of each family member. For example, a  parent as an administrator is authorized to assign devices and profiles to their respective user accounts. The  administrator can also specify exceptions and additions to given website filters per user profile. Each family member also has the option to create individual whitelists.

eBlocker Mobile

The eBlocker now also protects your privacy on the go, the new eBlocker Mobile function makes it possible. The principle behind it: Mobile devices such as Smartphones connect to the home eBlocker via encrypted VPN connection. This protects you from surfing outside your home network and automatically blocks nasty trackers, data-collecting ads and dangerous phishing sites. But that’s not all the latest eBlocker generation has in store.

Even when smartphones,tablets, or other IoT devices are activated, the user, most times unknowingly, agreesthat all personal data may be collected. This also happening when users agree to Google’s terms of service. By agreeing to these terms, users are not only opening the door for data collectors to access their private interests and preferences, but also risking passing along their personal medical history, creditworthiness, or other intimate details that only the user would know. eBlocker stops all of this from happening and allows Internet users who have lost control to fully regain their privacy back.

The eBlocker Pro, which has been available since September 2016, was now followed by the eBlocker Family, which launched in early 2017. The eBlocker Family is specially designed to meet the needs of families by offering multi-user support and protection against inappropriate content online for children. Adding to the eBlocker Pro and the eBlocker Family, the eBlocker Base is furthermore available. It is the ideal product for those who want to protect themselves from provider spying and circumvent censorship at a cost effective price.

Protect privacy – with Tracker-blocking and anonymous IP-Addresses. The eBlocker combines a powerful, propriety software with open source hardware that is based on the single-board computer, Banana Pi prevents all third-partyservices like web-analytics firms, social media giants and ad networks who are secretly collecting detailed user profiles. Working on all Internet-devices, in all browsers and apps, there is no software installation needed – a feature that sets the eBlocker apart from all browser-plugins against trackers and online-ads available.

Plus, the device doesn’t collect any data of its own. The user just unpacks the device, connects it to the home network, turns it on and the private sphere is protected. It does not involve a complex software installation on each individual’s device. Optionally, eBlocker allows users to secure their privacy even more by changing their visible IP-Address through the Tor-network or any OpenVPN provider.

Starting from now the “eBlocker Mobile” feature is now available. This will protect users from unwanted data collectors and advertisers while on the road and not in their home.

Christian Bennefeld, founder and CEO of eBlocker explains, “With eBlocker anonymous surfing is only one click away. Only blocking trackers as well as anonymizing the user’s IP-Address can guarantee a complete protection of privacy on the Internet. We are proud to provide an easy and reliable solution, which returns the right of privacy on the Internet to the individual, not the Internet corporations.“

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